VIDEO: 360's Been "Everywhere and Back" – See Where He Goes From Here [Part 1]

As a native of Queens, New York, 360 has had quite a journey. Such a journey, in fact, that he named his debut release, Everywhere and Back.

Several months after its release, 360 made the rounds as the industry began taking more notice to the lyrical wordsmith and songwriter whose Everywhere and Back was one of the most thorough sounding and well-rounded projects in recent memory. Never one to be tired of telling his story or having it heard, 360 is an open book who wants you to see his vulnerability yet fear his power on the mic. spoke to 360 about his debut project, Everywhere and Back, the pressures he may or may not feel being from Queens, making an mixtape that looks, sounds, and feels like an album, and where he got his name. Check out our exclusive interview with 360 below:


Check back next week for the second part of our interview with 360

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