Hip-Hop Rumors: Roscoe Dash Goes At Drake And Meek Mill On Twitter – Meek Denies Involvement In "Bottle Melee"

We’re not sure why, but singer Roscoe Dash has inserted himself into the “bottle melee” situation by being the first celebrity to speak out about the violence that took place last night involving Drake, Chris Brown, and Meek Mill. In a series of tweets, Roscoe Dash @’ed both Drake and Meek Mill’s Twitter accounts and says that he “can’t support sucka sh*t” as well as explains that he’s “lost alota respect” for the two.

Check out what he tweeted below (read from the bottom up):

Meek Mill caught wind of the tweet and denied any involvement, while telling Roscoe Dash to “stay in ya lane.” Check out his tweet below:

Check out Roscoe Dash’s response below:


So now both Meek Mill and Drake are denying any involvement. Bottles can’t throw themselves now, can they? Who do you think is ultimately going to have to pay the price for the attack against Chris Brown and take responsibility for injuring five other people in the process?