VIDEO: Wall Street Rapper ANTHM Defines His “Joy & Pain EP”

“Are you a Wall Street trader turned rapper, or a rapper who just so happened to be a Wall Street trader?”

That was one of the first questions asked of Ethiopian native and current Manhattan resident ANTHM when he stopped by the offices for his Breeding Ground interview.

Rest assured, the MC chose the latter.

With his positively complex rhymes laced over near-perfect production, ANTHM is more than just another rapper with an interesting story, and he’s got no problem telling you why. Fortunately for Hip-Hop fans, the man who doesn’t need a co-sign has a lot to offer, and his recently released Joy & Pain EP is the perfect body of work to introduce ANTHM to Hip-Hop lovers and music aficionados around the world.

During our sit-down with ANTHM, the well-spoken and thought-provoking rapper defined his role as an MC, and offered a detailed history about just how Joy & Pain came to be. He spoke on which tracks from the project stick out the most to him and what he hoped to achieve with his EP. Check out our exclusive interview with ANTHM below:


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