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Bang Em Smurf Offers Advice To Hip-Hop Artists Locked Up

(AllHipHop News)  Over the past few years, a number of rap musicians have been arrested or sent to jail, on charges ranging from tax evasion and weapons, to drugs and murder.

A number of high-profile acts are serving time in jail, including Ja Rule, Lil Boosie, Max B. and G. Dep, while artists like BG and Lauryn Hill are currently facing multiple years behind bars for their infractions.

Former G-Unit member Bang Em Smurf served 3 1/2 years for weapons possession and was deported to his homeland of Trinidad, after his release in 2008.

Bang Em Smurf took some time to offer advice for those serving time and those about to.

“If you got to do a bid , you know the life you living, you know what comes with it,” Bang Em Smurf told “Jail and death is a guarantee for some people , so you need to know how to move. Once you move with respect in jail, you get respect.”

Bang Em Smurf was quick to tell fans that he was not to judging the artists who go to jail, because usually, the artists’ music reflect’s his or her lives, which isn’t always all it appears to be.

“Everybody got personal issues, and you never know what an artist or an entertainer is going through,” said Bang Em Smurf who explained how he received a slash on his face in jail.

Bang Em Smurf just released a new mixtape titled Black Listed 

Check out’s exclusive interview with Bang Em Smurf.

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