Hip-Hop Rumors: Remy Ma Stabbed In Jail Rumors!

There are rumors that Remy Ma is dead or stabbed up in jail. The details are sketchy, but one thing is for sure. Remy Ma is alive, my sources have told me. So that’s that. But, the stabbing is a bit more sketchy. That seems to be false as well. Apparently, somebody updated her Wiki page and decided to include that Rem was stabbed up. All reasonable people that have hit me up have said this is not true. Actually, Papoose – her hubby – ended the rumor once and for all. “Just left my wife on the visit 2day @ 330 she was and still is fine yall haters need 2 get a life @freeremyma,” Papoose tweeted. He also dissed GOOGLE! “Google need 2 step they s**t up and stop pushing fake stories @freeremyma.”

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