Hip-Hop Rumors: Are the FEDS After Swizz Beatz?

Super producer Swizz Beatz may not be out of the woods yet when it comes to charges stemming from his involvement with Megaupload. If you remember, Megaupload was shut down in January of this year or piracy, with four of its employees seeing jail time.

According to The Source, “authorities are currently going after Swizz Beatz after being swindled out of a charge on the count that Megaupload was outside the United States’ jurisdiction.”

Swizz is now facing a 20-page motion filed by the feds – check out the paperwork here.

According to AP, all of the Megaupload employees are now being indicted for their contribution towards Megaupload and its file sharing. Back in January, the U.S. government seized Megaupload’s domain names, $50 million in assets, and got the New Zealand police to arrest four of the site’s top employees, including its founder, Kim Dotcom.

This sounds serious. Hopefully Swizzy will be cleared and can move past this.

The Megaupload worries haven’t stopped Swizz Beatz from making hot music. Check out Alicia Keys’ new single, “New Day”, produced by her hubby, Swizz Beatz.

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