Serena Williams Crip Walk: Epic Win or Epic Fail?


You know I love me some Serena Williams. So, I took my time when writing this lil’ piece of nothing. But she did the CRIP WALK at the London Olympics! I’m not sure what I think about that. Wait: I just found out. I don’t like it. Now, we all have to determine whether or not it is an epic fail or an epic win! I happen to think its a fail, but Serena is obviously a winner. I still love her despite this indiscretion.


Times sure have changed! Shout out to Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics!!


And shout out to a real Crip and even he’s given up the C-Walk to be a Rasta!


I know Serena is from Compton, but come on. Compton people don’t hate me for that! LOL!

This is the Serena I desire!


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