VIDEO: Sir Michael Rocks’ Solo Career Kicks Into First Gear With “Lap Of Lux”

Most famously known as one half of The Cool Kids, Sir Michael Rocks has been paving his way via the solo game for a couple of years now.

His most recent release, Lap of Lux, shows an MC who is more ready than ever to step out on his own, and show just what he has up his sleeve both creatively and lyrically.

Since The Cool Kids debut album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, dropped in 2011, both Rocks and his “brother” Chuck Inglish have released solo projects in the form of Premier Politics 1.5 and WRKING/WRKOUT respectively and Lap of Lux is the foremost work that Rocks wants the fans and listeners to hear that may have missed out on his prior solo work.

Sir Michael Rocks spoke to at Chung King Studios in New York City about Lap of Lux, the goals and expectations he does and doesn’t have for the project, why this is the right time to unleash it on the world, and what this next chapter of his career holds.

Check out our exclusive interview with Sir Michael Rocks below:


Check back next week for the rest of our interview with Sir Michael Rocks.

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