Classic Collabo Video: The Beatnuts & Tha Alkaholiks On Their “Liknuts” EP, Biggie’s West Coast Influence and Latinos in Rap

In this episode of “Rappin With Raven,” Raven visits The Beatnuts, Psycho Les and Ju Ju, and Tha Alkoholiks’ DJ E-Swift, at Goblin Studio in Queens, New York.
Raven and the rap vets talk about the two groups coming together on the upcoming Liknuts project, their personal history, and their “non-beef” with East Coast or West Coast rap.
DJ E-Swift talks about going on tour with Biggie Smalls back in the ’90s, and reminds us that Biggie’s biggest influence flow-wise was actually a West Coast rapper.
The Beatnuts also discuss being Latino rappers in Hip-Hop and accepting all forms of the genre, and they share a couple of tracks off the new Liknuts EP.  Psycho Les also finds time to school Raven in Galactica, Ju Ju drops a freestyle, and DJ Tony Touch drops by.
Check the video:


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