Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay Electronica Nas’ Ghost Writer?

We all know that Jay Electronica worked on Nas’ Untitled (N-word) album and they created some phenomenal work together, but what if I told you that Jay Elect was Nas’ ghost writer on that project? WMJ’s from Rappers I Know wrote an editorial called “Nas Lost (Ghostwriters)”, where he flashes back to 2007 and recalls a phone call he got from Jay Elect claiming to be Nas’ ghost writer. Check out an excerpt from his editorial below:

Is Nas just lazy? When it’s public knowledge that the ‘greatest lyricist’ of our era, has ghost writers, what does that mean? Like, he has the ability to write crazy raps, but it’s like doping in the Olympics, how can we ever trust the good results again? This ain’t pop music, so it matters if you write your own raps or not. For at least 6 albums, that was the only currency Nas had; his lyrics. How long has he been using ghost writers?

That was deep. You can read the rest of the article here. Hip-Hop journalist Dream Hampton also confirmed Nas’ use of Jay Electronica rhymes in a tweet below:

Is this a letdown for you? Does this change how you feel about Nas as an MC?