Kindred, Floetry: ReBirth And Anthony David Shine At The Vail Soul Music Festival

Over the weekend, Hennessy swagged out the annual Vail Soul Music Festival in the small mountain town of Vail, Colorado. The festival, which is one of the last remaining soul festivals in the nation, is an authentic hand-picked mix of emerging and established artists. This years festival featured married neo-soul duo Kindred, Natalie Stewart & Julie Dexter in their first U.S. appearance together as the highly anticipated The Floetry Re:Birth, the melodic voice of Algebra and Anthony David, The Brand New Heavies, Allen Stone and Sugar Foot’s Ohio Players.

After hitting the stage, the artists headed straight to the Hennessy VIP tent and enjoyed specialty Hennessy cocktails. The performers also flocked to the Hennessy afterparty at Vail hot spot BOI where DJ Rich Medina kept everyone dancing. The next morning the festival attendees recovered at the “Hennessy Very Special Brunch” where DJ Lee Farmer soothed any residual effects from the night before.  Check out a few photos from the festival below:

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