Hip-Hop Rumors: Kat Stacks Asks Obama For Help?

Well, I never thought I would write about this chick again. If you remember, I used to hate her with a passion. But, here I am writing about her now, in 2012. The word on the streets is that Kat Stacks wants to get back to the United States in a major way. I thought Stacks was already deported, but she has not. She is about to be kicked out of the US back to her native Venezuela. She came to the States at the age of 8 and got caught up in a bunch of mess like being a sex slave. From there she grew up to enslave rappers to her sexual ways. Stackie’s mom is trying to get her daughter a green card so she can stay in the US. Stacks has a song that is 2 years old and that is the primary reason, I think. Kat is only 22 and she is claiming that she is the victim of a pimp when she was underage at that. they claim that she was not protected and therefore needs some help. Obama is the person they are petitioning with. I don’t think they know what time it is in the US…election time! Obama is not going to help her at all in these times. It just ain’t politically safe to do so.

Kat, Obama might help you…if you help him.

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