Hip-Hop Rumors: Hopsin And Soulja Boy…Did Somebody Get Sonned?

Son, I don’t be knowing who these rappers are no more. So, Soulja Boy has beef with a rapper named Hopsin, who is an XXL mag freshman rapper dude. Hopsin jumped on SB’s Tinychat and confronted him about a looming diss record that the “veteran” rapper has. Well, apparently before he got on Tinychat, Soulja Boy was poppin’ off but he seemed more congenial after Hopsin approached him. If you listen to the light-skinned dude in the lower left hand square he talks some trash. Eventually, Soulja Boy logs off. The one dude tells Soulja boy: “Tweet me b*tch, I will f**k you up!” Oh man…I must be getting old, because this is as corny as it gets. Nevertheless, I could be wrong, but it looks like SB got sonned.

Hopsin is pretty dope lyrically though. Unfortunately, I got some rumors about him coming from people that were once close to him.
Stay tuned!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ONtfenb5CM?feature=player_embedded]

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