Hip-Hop Rumors: Rock The Bells Rumors! Dr. Dre’s Son-Making A Run At The Throne? Hav & P Tweet Beef!?


I am hearing that Curtis Young, Dr. Dre’s son is about to make another run at Hip-Hop. You may remember Curtis as the rapper/producer Hood Surgeon, which wasn’t the best rap name. Anyway, you have probably heard this a million times but Curtis is supposedly working on something major. My source suggested a feature with his father? I don’t know. But there’s something in the works that will include other West Coast Legends.

Here is his new look.

Here is the old look as Hood Surgeon:

Much improved!


I have nothing really of salacious note with the Rock The Bells fest over the weekend in NJ. But, there are a few things. For one, the rain messed everything up. Erick Sermon of EPMD, I heard, was totally pissed off that the second stage got rained out. The group was there to perform with the rest of the Hit Squad in the unprecedented reunion. It never happened. The rain. Anyway, I guess he took a plane from ATL to do that show. I guess he should be mad at Mother Nature.

Redman, AZ and somebody else famous (can’t remember who) were eagerly watching Nas perform, I heard.

I heard Slaughter House killed it and Joell Ortiz was lingering around after to check out other acts.

There were lots of groupies and the rapper’s indulged!

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I will get more rumors as I hear more rumors.


And why were Hav and Prodigy duking it out over the net in the aftermath of Chris Lighty’s death. God bless the dead.

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