Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Confirms That He And Floyd Mayweather Are Frenemies!

Leave it up to 50 Cent to tell it like it is. The rap mogul recently confessed in an interview with the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, that the bromance between he and boxer Floyd Mayweather is officially over. The way 50 explains it, Floyd came out of jail a completely different person and 50 is not feeling the new Money Mayweather.

Check out what Fif said below:

“[The issues between us] really comes from everybody around him waiting on the next time he feels generous. And I have a lot [of money], so I don’t wait for nobody.”

“Me and Floyd is always gonna be cool. He is different. [There’s been] a different side of Floyd coming out of the pen. That’s all.”

I wonder if this has anything to do with 50 Cent forming a boxing promotional company in July by the name of TMT (The Money Team) – which was coined by Floyd Mayweather. We also reported in rumors that 50 was looking to sign two boxers that Floyd had originally had his eye on.

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Another reason for their rift could be that 50 Cent tweeted that Mayweather would be fighting for his company, not Golden Boy Promotions, and even went back and forth with Oscar De La Hoya. Perhaps Floyd wasn’t feeling that.

How long before Floyd Mayweather responds to 50’s accusations that he is showing a “different side” now that he’s been locked up? I bet this is going to get really entertaining!

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