Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: DMX Not Feeling Nicki Minaj Whatsoever – “She’s Got A Fake A** & She Thinks She’s A Barbie”

The legendary rapper DMX is not one to mince his words. He tells it like it is, whether his opinion is popular or not – and I can respect that! My comrades over at AllHipHop.com caught up with the dog yesterday to chat about his new album, Undisputed, which was released on Tuesday, September 11. During the sitdown, X chatted about everything from his hatred of Drake’s voice –“he sounds like a washing machine, it’s so annoying,” – to his beef with Nicki Minaj “stealing bars.

Check out what he told us below:

“I’m not feeling Nicki Minaj’s music whatsoever,” said DMX. “This b*tch is like Waiiiiiiooooo – that’s cheating! She’s stealing two bars with one annoying sound. It’s disrespectful to the craft, and I don’t like that sh*t.”

DMX also doesn’t like Nicki’s enhanced appearance.

“She’s got a fake *ss, and she thinks she’s a barbie. Last time I checked, Barbie didn’t have a huge inflated fake *ss. She looks ridiculous!”

Tell em’ how you really feel, X! Make sure to check back with us later today to see our exclusive interview with DMX. Also, make sure you go out and cop his album, Undisputed which is in stores now. X will be donating a portion of his first week sales to the families of 9/11 victims. See, Dark Man X does have a heart.

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