David Banner’s 2M1 Movement Raises Over $500k; Rapper Begins Donating Funds

(AllHipHop News) Mississippi rapper David Banner continues to push forward his 2M1 Movement (2 Million 1 Purpose), a charitable cause aimed at raising money to give back to local communities around the United States.

According to David Banner, his 2M1 Movement has raised over $500,000 to date, since the project was launched in May with his album Sex, Drugs and Video Games. 

According to Banner, he has already donated money to the Chicago-based organization, Kids Off The Block, in addition to the Central Mississippi Boys and Girls Club, to help keep urban youth off the streets.

“Making sure that I reached back into the communities that needed it most, I wanted to be apart of the change that is needed to help guide and bring up our youth,” David Banner told AllHipHop.com in a statement released today (September 20).

David Banner created the movement to harness the power of his fans and consumers, to help influence young listeners of the genre of Hip-Hop in a positive manner.

“I realize that although I am a work in progress, kids look up to people like me and others in the public eye. I want to help inspire and move others,” David Banner said.

In related news, David Banner is in the studio working on music with Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Ne-Yo, as well as preparing for roles in two major motion pictures, “7500” and “They Die By Dawn.”

For more information on the 2M1 Movement, or to learn how to donate, visit www.DavidBanner.com.

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