Hip-Hop Rumors: Is All Of Canada Mad At DMX?


DMX continues to shake up the world. First of all, dude is definitely interesting. Secondly, he’s not the time to mince is words. And thirdly, he’s got a new album out. Click here to cop that Undisputed.

The album is getting pretty good reviews from fans. But, in a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, the Dog went in on Drake. He just doesn’t like Drake. But, this time it was because the OVO Master Man is preparing to do the upcoming Aaliyah album – without Missy and Timbaland. (I’m hearing like that may have changed or las already changed. BUT at the end of the interview with AHH, DMX said a slick comment that he didn’t know any gangsters in Canada anyway. Now, that apparently didn’t sit well with the gangster in Canada. He said, “I’m OUT CHEA!!!!” Just kidding. Seriously, a lot of the Hip-Hop Canadian community didn’t like that comment. Some suggested that Drake slap dog poo out of DMX. We know that ain’t happening, but Drake recently sent this out to the world.

You think he was trying to tell DMX…come and get some, DAWG!

At any rate, I think its funny. But, the United Online Canadian Gangsters issued a statement that said, “Come back here and see us.” Other folks said that X got beat up in Canada once. I don’t know. But its still funny.

Here is that clip.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WzygXRMc6Q?feature=player_embedded]

Who would win a fight? Gangster DMX or all of Canada? Before you answer, I will tell you:


I’m going to make  song called “F**k Joe Arpaio!” All my real gangsters know what I’m talking about!

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