Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Says He Wants To be Selfish – He Ain’t Sharing The Stage

Jigga man has been actively getting his 40/40 Club back on the market for high-level events, just recently hosting President Barack Obama for a $40K a head fundraiser. Hov was back at it last night, holding the NBA 2K13 launch party at his establishment. Jay decided to walk the red carpet this time around and spoke with Jeff Rosenthal of Rolling Stone about his upcoming eight-show kickoff at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

If you were hoping to see any special guests, think again. Jigga wants to be selfish this time. Check out what he said about giving special guests the boot below:

“No one’s appearing, no one’s performing. It’s Brooklyn! This is my one chance to be selfish. Can’t I? Can’t I be selfish? Thank you.”

“Just for these eight shows – then I’ll get back to my “Jay-Z & Friends” shows. I get all of these guys to come out for me, so . . .”

Jigga doesn’t really have a good reason for doing 8 shows, but says that anymore and he would “fall over from exhaustion.”

“My stamina,” Hov said frankly “When I got to eight, I felt like I would probably fall over from exhaustion. It was just eight shows. Eight shows for H.O. I should do H.O. merchandise! [Slaps his forehead] What the f*ck is wrong with me?”

Hov kicks off the Barclays Center with a bang, performing his first show tomorrow night. Will you be in the house? Any disappointment regarding Jay’s no special guests announcement?

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