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Comedian Pauly Shore Explains New Hip-Hop Track “Obama Got Osama”

(AllHipHop News) Veteran comedian Pauly Shore has released a new Hip-Hop song and video in support of President Barack Obama.

The track, titled “Obama got Osama,” is a teaser of what to expect from the comedian’s upcoming TV show “Pauly~tics.”

“Obama got Osama” is accompanied by a video that makes fun of President Obama’s political foes, while touting Commander-in-Chief’s successes in office over the past four years.

“I love politics and I have a new streaming special coming out this month on called ‘Pauly Shore’s Pauly~tics.’ Pauly Shore goes to Washington.”

During the show, Pauly Shore interviews various politicians and lawmakers, utilizing his own unique brand of comedy.

“Its Bill Mauer meets Spring Break! Let’s stop fighting people and let’s all dance is my attitude. Till then ‘Obama got Osama b**ches!’ Peace out, see u on the freeway!”

For more information on the track “Obama got Osama,” or Pauly Shores’ upcoming special “Pauly~tics,” visit

Check out the video below:

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