The Presidential Debate Playlist

Since the first of three highly anticipated presidential debates are upon us, decided to pull together a playlist representing songs that President Obama might listen to in order to hype himself up.

The debates at the University of Denver, in Denver Colorado tonight (October 3) will be critical to both candidates.

According to a new poll released by NBC today, Obama has the lead in Ohio (51-43), but in Florida (47-46) and Virginia (48-46), two key states, the race is tight.

Since Obama is a fan of Hip-Hop music and personally hangs out with superstar rapper Jay-Z, we created this play list to keep President Obama sharp and focused during his debate against Massachusetts Governor Romney.

Granted, these are songs that the President would never admit to having on his iPod, but nonetheless, songs we feel would inspire the POTUS. We know you are reading Prezzie Prez.

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