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EXCLUSIVE: NFL Star Thomas Jones Continues Push Into Music Business; Re-Names Record Label Independently Major Ent.

(AllHipHop News) NFL running back Thomas Jones took a moment to speak with about his time on the field and why he recently decided to give the NFL a rest to pursue his dreams of running a hit record label.

“I just finished my 12th year in the NFL and I was blessed to have a great career,” Thomas Jones told “I’m healthy, I’m walking, I’m not hurt anywhere besides a couple minor things here and there, [but] for the most part, I’ve got my mind right physically…This music is something I’ve had a passion for”

Thomas Jones launched his Outta Pocket label in 2008 and signed his flagship artist, singer Myko from Atlanta.

Jones and Outta Pocket signed a deal with Steve Rifkind’s SRC, which was being distributed by Universal. But Jones ended up leaving the deal, taking his artist and changing the label name.

Jones, who played for teams like The Arizona Cardinals, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Chicago Bears, The New York Jets and The Kansas City Chief’s during his decade-plus career, is now looking to find success as the CEO of Independently Major Entertainment.

“The football thing, that was part of my life, but now I want to do something different,” Thomas Jones told “We are just going hard, I am really excited about the artists, and the music…”


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