Hip-Hop Rumors: Uncle Luke Is Looking For Diddy And French Montana To Cut The Check!

French Montana’s hit song “Pop That” samples Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew’s “I Wanna Rock” – and Uncle Luke is looking to get that check cut for his contribution to the record. MTV caught up with the rapper / part-time politician on the red carpet at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, where Uncle Luke made it clear that he was looking to catch up with Diddy backstage about the payment.

“When I heard the song, I said, ‘Oh this is a hit,’ and the next thing I said is, ‘Where’s my check?”

“Ain’t nobody told me about my check yet. I have not gotten the check yet, so I’m looking for the check. I’m gonna talk to Diddy in the back about it.”

Diddy is notorious for “robbin” artists. Uncle Luke better get that paperwork right! Check out the interview below:

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71 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Uncle Luke Is Looking For Diddy And French Montana To Cut The Check!”

  1. EDOGZ818

    Yeah, Diddy stay biting the hits, recycling them.

    I remember a time in Hip Hop when BITING was illegal, THE ARTIST WHO WAS BIT, WOULD EVENTUALLY COME & SEE YOU.

      • Chrisblackusa

        true true,,,and a dj would get rushed if his mix game slipped,,,

      • Chrisblackusa

        but then again chuck d ran around the world using son of bezerks rhyme style,,,,the hank ballard roll,,,,a neighborhood thing cause chuck d had him in the studio when pe was known as spectrum city and son of bezerk was with the townhouse 3

    • Dynomite

      This isn’t a biting issue, as much as it is a sampling issue. Biting is when you repeat someone else’s lines. Hip Hop started with a dj, two turntables, and a couple of old records he mixed and made a new “song” for a rapper to compliment. Sampling is the foundation of Hip Hop, however i do agree everyone should get paid

      • Southcidal

        Dynomite, I couldn’t have put it better. Sampling is the essence of hip hop. Two turntables and a mic!!

      • EDOGZ818

        Sample = Taking an Elvis record & making it a hot track…..biting is taking the hot track made from Elvis & passing it off like it’s your own!

      • Dynomite

        In this case, they left Elvis on the track. Luke is so prominent on the track he should have feature credits. They’re not passing it off as original, they’re passing it off as if he was involved. They could have “bit” the hook and had Ross or French say it, but it wouldn’t have the same appeal.

      • EDOGZ818

        Right, but he wasn’t involved & that makes it biting…more than 8 secs = Permission, that’s why samplers have 8 sec samples….the 10,12 & 24 secs come with warnings!

      • Dynomite

        It’s hard for me to call it biting because it’s almost a tribute. It’s twenty years old. Luke just needs to be credited and paid

      • cromthelaughinggod

        Sorry I agree with ED. That shit is a complete bar if you know how to count bars of Lukes song. His voice was sampled. Didn’t has to pay or he can be sued for copyright infringement. Please look it up on library of congress@dynomite. Diddy has to get permission and credit him. That is law I didn’t make it up.

      • Dynomite

        No doubt it’s a sample. I said Luke should be credited and paid several times. My debate with @EDOGZ818 is whether they are “Biting” Luke and the 2 Live Crew.

        Biting = having anybody other than Luke attempt to imitate Luke’s voice or any of his famous lines or ad libs. Or attempting to recreate a 2 Live Crew song or concept, then later denying any knowledge of the original version.

        They gave Luke and the crew a shout-out, Puffy just needs to complete the transaction.

      • EDOGZ818

        I hear you on that, but Puffy had no intention of completing the transaction, or he would have done that 1st!

        Diddy is like the Great White Shark of Hip Hop…always looking to bite!

      • Dynomite

        No doubt. First, they wait to see if it’s going to make any money, then they wait for your lawyers to ask for your money

      • Johnny Sanchez

        Pit, I agree with Dynomite that this isn’t a biting issue as it is a sampling issue. However, Pit, I agree with you that biting is/was forbidden. I just saw yesterday the name of Ne-Yo’s new album… R.E.D. That is a straight bite off of Game’s album. Shyt don’t get more blatant than that.

      • brotha_man

        Luke run shit….diddy dont want it. diddy paper longer but street cred is a mutha……

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        street cred aint worth a penny in the court system. they both better come correct with that paper work….

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, but Luke got more court cred, but I hear you on that paper work, but if you don’t know, that track, in particular, was part of the whole censorship, stickers on albums, movement. ” Start letting the government decide what you hear, next thing, they’ll be putting stickers on your ear!”…Willie D

        I think Luke ran for Mayor or was Mayor or something down there, not sure, but he is politically active & I’m pretty sure he has his paperwork right for that track….if any track, that track, but you right though, Diddy owes the publisher….or the publishing rights holder.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Everyone here, love Luke or not, who were at least 14 and older when rap took on mainstream industry and especially air play, could tell you what part Luke played in rap as a brand and in distribution, but you would miss the lesson because you picked up the hip hop story with Puff Daddy…I mean Diddy (to you). I would suggest to read the hip hop archives available online. Just start typing in your search engine and on occasion look at the pics, and put the party and pieces together. You can start piecing together the late 80’s through the 90’s a story of power players. You might also be interested in the the war between Parental Advisory labels and Rap music. When you get your fill of that, you will want to catch up with city bans on hip hop shows and the distribution wars. Producers became power in hip hop by 1995, and under that you started getting folks to co-sign on deals and get air play. You would be almost dead in the water if you didn’t have a few hits or a hook, because usually the shows that Luke had were banned for liability.Other than the obvious misrepresented east/west war artist had to start creating more hooks and have more mainstream friendly material to survive, that became the norm..that gave the intro to Puffy’s empire (..and Southern rap) and soon Jay-Z-User friendly Hip Hop, not raw produced lyric heavy, graphic content rap. On the question of power that is all depending on how you interpret what you will familiarize yourself with on the past. If you got cats around you that were of the industry back in the day, then you can ask them what this is all about. However, I ‘m going to assume you are fairly young. Right now you can’t see how in 2012, what Luke has to do with Diddy However, these mugs been knowing each other for 20 to 25 years. They got history and the got business and somebody didn’t cut the check like they were suppose to, or wasn’t planning on cutting a check at all. At the end of the dayit comes down to credit and who has enough money to buy the masters. Take out the names Luke and Diddy, and you can even take out their history and just look at what the problem is. Who did what work, and who owes who. The most powerful person in hip hop is not P. Diddy or Jay-Z. That idea and crown died somewhere in the 90’s.When hip hop started share cropping its resources to major labels aka the big 6, that power all went out the door and on to the small print of each contract signed. Those labels answer to other coporations. That’s why you got Diddy going ape sh’t crazy over things like ciroc. If you just can’t shake the idea that there is no leader in the hip hop world, then, like Isaid before, you will have to go back and see how all these guys come together, and decide who has the most freedom in the muppet controlled mainstream hip hop.

  2. Chrisblackusa

    yeah right,,,and luke should be cutting a check to soul sonic force and the zulu nation for riding the planet rock wave,,,,

      • Kevin Washington

        cause with out the wave he’d probably would of never been successfull ….. cant speak on this one tho i always thought luke had his own thing going …

      • Weedras

        i’m more likely to agree with that Luke had his own little movement than to believe the ‘wave’ argument…. I don’t remember nobody else doing what Luke was doing back then….

    • Bumpy Johnson

      say them westcoast niggas use to sample them old school 60’s n 70’s songs heavy and remake them ill as hell tho.

      • Kevin Washington

        times have pass back in the 90s hip hop was only 10+ years old i knew it would come to this eventually … thats our classic music … there should be more old school classic remade and im sure there actually will be … speaking of Lupe just did T.R.O.Y which he caught some heat for too lol ….

      • EDOGZ818

        Hip Hop was 20+ years old by then..Blowfly, Spoonie G, etc., was commercial hits by 70’s, Master P took that “Make you say “UHHHnnn, Nah Nah Nah Nahhhh” from Master Don ( Zulu Nation ) on an underground “mixtape / cassette”, back b4 La Di Dadi was a demo on the radio.

        It was wack when P did it…..KRS One’s “We got a dope Beat” sampled AC / DC


    crazy part is they got the nerves to have his name in the credits on the video and STILL HAVEN’T CUT HIS CHECK. SMH LUKE GOING TO HAVE THEM HAITIANS POP THAT IF HE DON’T GET HIS CHECK.

    • Kevin Washington

      i never recieved a royality check but folks i know who has gotten one says the first check takes a while to come …. but once you get the first one .. they come like clock work every quarter ……

  4. Kevin Washington

    ha ha luke my have to stomach this one cause all they sample from what i remember is the DONT STOP part and just looped it lol … but as most of this sampling stuff its up to the judge i guess we shall find out ……

    • Yea its me

      It doesn’t matter if it’s a few seconds. They sampled his music without clearance and more importantly it’s his voice. If luke did take it to court which he likely won’t, he will win easy. Actually they sampled “Don’t Stop Pop that”.

      • Kevin Washington

        yeah i forgot the POP that part ……. but i diddnt see the credits myself but someone says that hes credited on the single …. so if thats the case his royalties will be rolling in about 6months to a year from now 😉

  5. TonyMon

    Can someone tell me why this Uncle Luke is powerful? I dnt know much about him. I know he used to rap in the 90s and he is a politician now..But what makes him more powerful than diddy as you guys say? Diddy is worth $500 million.

      • Dynomite

        Luke has enough influence in Miami and the southeast to make it hard for Rick Ross to come south and hustle

      • Kevin Washington

        especially rick ross ?? luke couldnt even shutdown drake who is an out of towner come on son .. respect to luke but he already exposed that he aint got no real power in FLA ……… Drake still partying and fing them hoes in Miami cause it aint much to do lol 😉

      • Dynomite

        Not shut down, just make it hard for them. Luke’s aim with the article was more or less to have the community hold those individuals accountable. This is more of a personal matter. The fact that he has a column is one testament to his influence in the area. Not only does he have 25 years in the game, hustling throughout the region, he also ran for mayor. That means he knows local radio execs and program directors, dj’s, clubowners, promoters AND city councilmen, senators and representatives, police officials, and criminals. And that means he can cut your record spins, liquor sales, interfere with your concert and hosting permits and licenses, or just have people in place to disrupt anything they try to have….. If he wants

      • Kevin Washington

        hey man id be with you 100% if i heard about YMCMB artist getting blocked from performing @ liv or someone out in FLA making it hard for them but i aint heard nothing but more ish talking from that team …. Drake still got his condo out in Biscayne still paying the same amount aint ish change … DRAKE VOICE lol 😉 …. luke def has the media @ his welm but of course he does when he speaks about Mainstream artist like Wayne and Drake … cause thats the only time we hear from him …. when he speaks on something in the mainstream just like this Pop that song ……. im sure there have been plenty of other things he said but we aint hearing it cause what he has to say doesnt hold weight like that … unless it has something to do with someone else thats does hold weight ………….. salute to Luke tho no disrespect to the lengend @ all …. just keepin it 100

      • Dynomite

        I mean, the question was “what power does he have?” Whether he uses it or how he uses it is a different question….. but just as a note, You realize we don’t hear about 90% of what goes on behind the scenes. If a situation like that is handled “right” you won’t hear about it. That’s extortion. That’s illegal. But you can’t bring enough security to someone else’s hometown. And a rapper isn’t really going to tweet how he just got hit up for $20,000. But it happens every day

  6. ODB63

    I thought once you go over seven beats you have to pay. They only copied 4 beats of his verse and looped it so they might not have to pay.

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