Shyne Vs Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Shyne and Jewish People Upset At Rick Ross?

You you know, I am well in tune with the Jewish Community. 😉 So, I know people that know people! The Jewish folks are not impressed with this new mix tape that Rick Ross has dropped. Now, how dope it is will be the subject of lots of speculation! But, that’s with The Blacks. As far as I know, and those that have hit me up, The Jews are not in agreement with this effort. Most had an issue with the cover art.

But, there is good news and, sorry Jews. Drake is on the mix tape and HE REPRESENTS THE JEWISH FAITH!


Drake trumps everything else.

Drake said: “Bout to read my portion for this Black Bar Mitzvah Tape! #BBMTAPE @rickyrozay”

Is this co-sign is meaningless. I heard Shyne is PISSED! STAY TUNED! MORE ON THIS!!!!

Furthermore, what is the Nation of Islam going to say. One upon a time, Rick Ross had a lot of Muslim references in his raps.

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