Waka Flocka Votes For First Time, Now That He's A Tax Paying Citizen

(AllHipHop News) Waka Flocka Flame has cast his vote for the 2012 Presidential Elections and the Atlanta rapper has revealed he has cast his vote for President Barack Obama.

Waka Flocka of is one of tens-of-thousands of people who are taking advantage of early voting in over 30 states.

The majority of the early votes are done through mail, while in person voting is slated to start next week, in a number of states.

“I’ve been voted early,” Waka Flocka revealed on The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show with K. Foxx, on Hot 97. “It’s my first time voting. I’m a taxpayer now, so you know you got to vote for the right guy. They say every vote counts, I had to make sure mines did.”

Although none of the early votes will be counted until after the November 6 election date, that didn’t deter Waka Flocka from making sure he took advantage of his constitutional right to vote.

Waka, who said he has been a homeowner for over five years, has been paying taxes that stretched into the six-figures, since his rap career took off, although he had not voted until this year.

The rapper offered up a very logical explanation for not participating, as well as his change of heart, to take part in this year’s election.

“Not trying to be hard, not trying to be tough, but if you’re from the streets, how can voting hope your life?” Waka Flocka asked. “How can tax dollars help your life?…taxes, medical, insurances, you don’t need none of that. But when you start living like a civilized person, you got to follow the rules.”

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