Epic Win Of The Day: Will Smith Did What? And Jay-Z Who? At Meek Mill's Huh?

I’m a couple days off the mark on this one one. Meek Mill had a listening session the other day to let people hear his new album, Dreams and Nightmares. Well, I heard it was good and I heard it was well attended. In fact, I saw that is was via my stalker methods on instagram. Anyway, but here is what I heard. I heard that Jay-Z and Will Smith came out to the event (along with another big dog that I cannot remember), but a curious thing happened. I heard Meek got to his own party very late. I heard Will and Jay departed very early, before things even got started. I’m not sure what caused them to leave so, but I heard it was the apparent tardiness.

Here are the pics:

FLICKS: Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” Listening Session for New York Glitterati

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