Hip-Hop Rumors: Pandora Pays Drake And Lil' Wayne How Much?!

Word on the block is that internet radio app, Pandora, is paying artists a boatload of money to be able to use their songs. According to a statement released by Pandora founder Tim Westergren, Pandora pays more than 2,000 artists over $10,000 each for using their music.

So, who gets the most cash? That would be Drake and Lil’ Wayne. Both artists earn $3 million a year just for licensing their music to Pandora! That $3 million guaranteed for not doing anything at all. ColdPlay is the only other group of artists that also earns that much cash from the radio station.

Wiz Khalifa is cashing in those checks, too, and also makes a cool $1 million from the site. Must be nice!

Source: Huffington Post

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