Sydney Lace’s Top 5 Rappers Who Dress Like It’s Halloween Everyday!

Happy Halloween!!! Although many of us are gearing up to celebrate Halloween tonight, some of our favorite celebrities got dressed up and celebrated over the weekend with their significant others.

From Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s coordinating costumes as a mermaid and a captain, to Diddy and Cassie at a party on the West Coast dressed as Cleopatra and Prince, the celebrity couples were out in full force. You can check out the Hip-Hop Halloween recap by checking out the story below.

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While Halloween only comes once a year for most of us, when you’re in the entertainment business, Halloween might come everyday! Check out my Top 5 List of Rappers Who Dress Like It’s Halloween Everyday:

5) Lil’ B

From wearing long chandelier earrings, to big floppy church lady hats, to lipstick in some instances, Lil’ B’s fashion sense is very….uh, Halloween-ish! Check out some of his most outrageously Halloween-inspired looks below:

4) French Montana

Frenchie definitely isn’t always an over the top dresser, but he certainly has a costume like way of dressing that I can only see being exhibited more in the future. I am putting French Montana on this list because what he has shown us fashion-wise so far…anyone remember that GQ Magazine staff make-over……

….and how about his XXL Mag Freshman cover with the bear head……

French Montana has put Versace back on the map in a very big way. Check out Frenchie’s most Halloween-a-licious outfits below:

3) Andre 3000

Although Andre 3000 has been dressing a lot more dapper these days now that he’s focusing on his acting career…

…..Andre 3000 still makes our list due to the sheer number of years that he embraced what I’m now calling “Halloween Couture”. Check out a few of his wackiest style choices below:

2) Lil’ Wayne

Weezy F. Baby has an interesting sense of style to say the least. The latest celebrity fashion designer who has brought his unique style to the forefront with his Trukfit clothing line, has unfortunately been spotted rocking some questinable attire since his release from the pen. Check out some of Weezy’s most pause-worthy outfits below:

1) Nicki Minaj

From the moment she stepped onto the scene, Nicki has changed her wigs more than she changes her underwear (I can only imagine!). From dressing up in outfits ranging from an evil Lil’ Red Riding Hood who escaped from hell……..

…….to a sexy astronaut from an all female galaxy far far away.

– you never know what you will get when Nicki steps out for an event. Check out a few of her most Halloween-a-rific outfits below:

I’m dressing up as illseed this year!!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

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      • Southcidal

        NY has 5 trillion people residing there, if half of yall would go out and support that wack shiit dudes like Sean Price would go diamond.

  1. Johnny Sanchez

    That’s it… Y’all that commented before me have glorified the girl that wrote this article. Y’all complained about her for months, and now it seems like y’all down with her Lame ass articles. Thank the hiphop Gods that one person in here made a hiphop reference… Jas1ne. Look at johnblacksad… Hey Syd, is that blah blah blah. Hey Syd? The phuck. This site and the commentators have changed drastically… for the worse. Bring it – I’m waiting.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      i bet that first negative point on your comment was from syd. she is ruining what use to be such a great community. this is some wack shyt. she doesn’t have a dayum clue about hip hop.

    • johnblacksad

      What else you wanna do?!

      Real talk, i be complainin for fun… her articles might not be the best we ever read, but at the end of the day, Syd is the homegirl!
      It ain’t like i’m gon take it personal and stay cussin her out… if i really hated her like that, i’d just stop coming here.

      And you’re crazy if you think you like hip-hop more than me. Maybe as much, but more would be impossible.

  2. Brian Andrew Smith

    let’s see, what about afrika bambaataa, kool keith, mf doom. there are so many other cats out there that dress crazier than any of these fools but do it because thats who they are instead of some bullshyt gimmick(not including 3 stacks). you call yourself a hip hop writer, shyt, i could do your job better than you without trying. Learn something about hip hop or go start writing for tmz.

  3. Brian Andrew Smith

    also, lil wayne, gtfoh, rocking an earl sweatshirt shirt and then acting like you skate. you only started doing that when Odd Future got hot and you stopped selling. Fake blood, fake skater, straight up fake as motherf*cker.

  4. Synista

    (Sarcasm)…Yet another great piece by Sydney lace,this is worthy of a Pulitzer(sarcasm)
    This site used to be about HIP HOP now it’s more like hip POP!
    has anyone ever seen sydney lace? is she really a teenage white girl with braces and red hair? will this site ever return to it’s past glory?

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