Edo G

Boston Rap Legend Edo G Releases Mitt Romney Diss

(AllHipHop News) Boston Hip-Hop veteran Edo G has waiting on tomorrow’s elections, with a song aimed at candidate mitt Romney.

Edo G released the new track titled “Mitt,” which take shots at the Massachusetts governor and presidential hopeful.

On the 3:43 track, Edo G offers labels mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan “evil.”

“To be the president you gotta adore people/not ignore people/especially poor people, Edo G raps.

Edo G is a pioneering Hip-Hop legend, who has represented Boston, Massachusetts for decades.

The release of “Mitt” comes as the United States gears up to elect the president of the country for the next four years.

Both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are traveling the country, to work their support base since elections are currently in a dead heat.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll taken over the weekend showed that both candidates were virtually tied in the run for the president.

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