Hip-Hop Rumors: Is It Really Illegal To Post A Photo Of Your Ballot?

Have you voted yet? If not, please head down to your nearest polling location and make it happen. Our future depends on it! Okay, so there is a huge rumor running rampant on the ‘net about posting a photo of your election ballot onto social networking sites. People are saying that it is illegal, and if you do so, your vote can be disqualified.

Now, this is a huge deal because everyone is doing it – not just celebrities like Beyonce and Mariah Carey, but tons of everyday citizens are showing pride that they voted and posting pics of their ballots. So, will these ballots be disqualified?

Our homegirl Jasmine Brand did the legwork for us and discovered that it is actually illegal in NY for voters to show their ballots publicly. Check out a screen shot of the law below:

Now, if that isn’t the most useless law ever! So our beautiful Bey did break the law after all. This law is actually valid in a large amount of the country, so check out if your state applies below:

But, does this mean her vote is disqualified? It doesn’t say anything about that, but just for security, I would advise you all not to post your ballots online. It is illegal to do so in many states, even after the election is over. Better safe than sorry!

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