Hip-Hop Rumors: Slim Da Mobster Hits 50 Cent With The Most Sensational Allegation EVER!

Well, this whole twitter beef just got a whole lot more realer. First of all, Twitter beef gets real corny, real fast and that’s why I don’t cover it so much. BUT, the truth of the matter is, this sh*t cray with 50 Cent and Slim Da Mobsta. Now, Slim did something Slim on Twitter and he didn’t “@” 50 Cent on it so that leads me to believe he wanted it to slide by. But, my eagle eyes don’t miss a whole lot.

Slim Da Mobsta alleges that 50 Cent had an affair with Chris Lighty’s wife on his twitter account, referring to 50 as “feddicent.” Now what? What the heck he do this for? Peep the tweet.

Not sure what was to be gained putting this out there. Sure doesn’t add to the legacy of Chris Lighty. Certainly, not 100% believable even in the war of the tweets with 50 either.

On top of that, Shyne is talking about 50 Cent again.

EXCLUSIVE: Shyne Recalls Meeting 50 Cent For The First Time; Blames Rapper For Irv Gotti’s Down Fall


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