VIDEO: Unmarried Miguel Insists There’s More, Delivers Raw Studio Session

A little over a month ago, R&B singer Miguel released the official video for his single “The Thrill”, which featured fast-cut clips of the singer sporting a hat that reads “Trouble,” while he snaps photos, capturing moments that may only happen once.

Now, with the release of “The Thrill” video which took place inside of Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, it’s time to sit still and let the singer croon. It’s not the leather jacket that gets all the attention, either. It’s more of the “shoot ’em up” moves Miguel gives when he’s feeling himself, or the way his hair moves when he starts to believe the lyrics.

Inspiring it is. This visual does a lot for the skeptical listener, and if you’re already in the Miguel know, it brings you one step closer. The performance, so good you’re convinced that “How Many Drinks” will be up next, just as on the album. It never comes in this video, but the thrill of it is all good.


[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Miguel – The Thrill from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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