Hip-Hop Rumors: Extortionists Spoiled What Rapper's Thanksgiving?

Only on Thanksgiving, can you give thanks to the rumored thugs and extortionists that populate the Hip-Hop underground. Well, this rapper has been trying to make a comeback for years. He was down with one of the biggest crews of the 1990’s and successfully crossed over from the grimy New York underground to the pop with his big, ol’ smile. The ladies loved him and the dudes didn’t hate him either. Anyway, he retreated to the South after the beefs got to be too much and thought recently that the smoke had cleared. But, what do we have here? Despite having the support of some of the present day big names and his pals from the underground, he completely stopped a recent comeback attempt. Everybody was talking about it for a second and it was gone faster than a “hacked” tweet dissing 50 Cent. I heard some of the forces of thuggery that were there in the 90’s are still around and made it clear that there will not be any come up in the rap. I heard that the rapper had planned to release a mix tape on Black Friday only to postpone it indefinitely. He’s always got that backup job anyway.

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