Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Solange Throwing Shade To Beyonce? Young Buck's Jail Trouble!


Poor Young Buck! Damn! Anybody that said life is short never did any time in the bing! I mean, I haven’t, but I have to imagine that its the opposite of “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Anyway, Buck has been AWOL recently and nobody really knew why until now. He said he’s been in the hole aka solitary for 2 months! He said this on twitter:

“Dear Fans, I’ve been in the hole 4 the last 2 months, they let me out on Thanksgiving so I’m back to writing you all. Keep the mail coming.”

Apparently he was in the hole for, guess what? Dude was in the hole for FREESTYLING for fans. Yes. FREESTYLING. What a damn shame!

I’m happy to see Buck maintaining though! He’s really a talented dude. Write him and tell him illseed sent ya!

David D.Brown FCI Yazoo City Low Federal Correctional Institution. PO Box 5000 Yazoo City,Ms. 39194 Inmate#20669-075


I don’t know Solange to be any sort of a song writer, so I am not sure who she could be talking about here. But in a cryptic rant online she was pissy at somebody that didn’t give her credit for her writing. Now, we know that she and Beyonce have a seemingly good relationship. BUT, we also know that B has been checked i the pasted for not giving credit where credit is due. I wonder if Solange has touched base with Ne-Yo lately? Anyway, peep the tweets below!Source

Who else could she be talking about? Didn’t baby mama Carmen say Nas said something about Beyonce’s breath one time? Could she be drumming up press for her EP that’s coming out today?  don’t know!

Illseed, Out.


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