Hip-Hop Rumors: Shots Fired! Young Money Vs The Younger Money Of The Chief Keef Gang!

I’ll take the good ol’ beef days any day over this! A good old regional beat down! Now, it seems like the money is getting into everybody’s way. Young Money vs Younger Money! Hot diggidy Damn! Break out the popcorn an watch them go!

It seems like Mack Maine got into it with somebody from Chief Keefer’s crew. And there sparked a bit of a tweet beef between them. What happened is not clear. Only thing is Tadoe, who is down with Keef and holds heat in videos was down there. Before he was set to come back for a court case, beef ensued and tweets were dispersed. Better than bullets, I guess. Peep it:

And Tadoe later retweeted this:

And then Mack Maine took a very “Baby” approach to it:

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Illseed, Out.


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