Jerry Ferrara from HBO's "Entourage" Drops His Top 5 Rappers Dead Or Alive

Talented actor Jerry Ferrara is best known for playing the lovable character of “Turtle” on the hit HBO original show, “Entourage”. In the minds of Hip-Hop heads everywhere, “Turtle” was the coolest out of the crew for two very distinct reasons. Reason number one: you could always count on “Turtle” to track down the best “Mary Jane” in Hollywood. Reason number two: we will forever love “Turtle” for his portrayal of an aspiring Hip-Hop manager who discovers the rap beast, Saigon. That story line was a huge win for Hip-Hop.

Saigon and Jerry Ferrara got a chance to catch up with Jerry Ferrara on the red carpet and got him to share his Top 5 Rappers Dead Or Alive. Jerry is definitely an Old School Hip-Hop listener, and listed Slick Rick, Biggie, and Tupac among his Top 5. Find out if Saigon made his list in the exclusive video below:


You can catch Jerry Ferrara in the hit movie, Think Like A Man, which is out on DVD now.