Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Is Buying 25 Rolexes For Christmas?!

In another wasteful rapper moment, a rapper with a new album to promote just revealed that he is going to buy 25 Rolex watches for Christmas. This is also the same rapper who threw 8 birthday parties….for himself! Can you guess who it is?

The rapper in question is Game!


In a recent appearance on “106 & Park”, Game announced that he is going to buy 25 Rolex watches for his friends for Christmas this year. Game must be a really generous friend. Rolexes start at $3K and up. I’m sure his fiancee Tiffney is not going to be happy about hearing that news.

Game and Fiancee

Game’s new album, Jesus Piece, hits stores today, and he’s banking on getting another number one album under his belt. Game is also putting his entrepreneurial hat on and is starting his own record label, teaming up with Stat Quo to do so. Interesting. The label is called Rolex Records… how original. Did you pick up a copy of Jesus Piece today?

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