Super Producer Dr. Dre Heads To Ireland, Reportedly For Tax Shelter

(AllHipHop News) Super producer Dr. Dre was the highest paid musician in the world, it was recently revealed by Forbes and it appears that the rap mogul is attempting to save as much of his earnings as possible.

Dr. Dre, born Andre Young, recently based three of his companies in West Cork, Ireland, to help reduce his tax liability.

According to the Irish Examiner, Dr. Dre recently established three companies in Clonakilty, Co Cork, Ireland with a specialty firm named O’Mahony Donnelly, in order to take advantage of country’s corporate tax rate.

“Since I established O’Mahony Donnelly here in 2000 we’ve worked with a number of multinational corporations to get them set up in Ireland,” said Michael O’Mahony. “This has become a great niche for our firm.”

The mogul listed three businesses which have addresses listed with O’Mahony Donnelly, a firm that specializes in helping clients like Dr. Dre.

Much of the $100 million that Dr. Dre raked in last year came through his Beats Electronics empire, which spans computers, headphones and mobile phones.

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