Game vs 40 Glocc

EXCLUSIVE: 40 Glocc Responds To Game On New Track “The Full Edit”

(AllHipHop News) Colton, California rapper 40 Glocc has responded to numerous jabs from Game on a new track titled “The Full Edit.”

The 1:51 track was released today, to various Internet outlets.

“What Type Of ‘2013 Gayster’ rapper is you? I feel like since he dropped that video everyone should know the full edited uncut version,” 40 Glocc told

On the track, 40 Glocc addresses a number of incidents, including an infamous, videotaped altercation between him and Game, in the Hollywood Hills.

The videotape led to 40 Glocc filing lawsuit against the Game in October of 2012.

“He did it at gun point and with undercover rent-a-cops/bodyguards and his homies with licensed gun on me. He used the law to jump me, then put a tape out and edited it…The only police on the scene were the ones he brought with him,” 40 Glocc told

“The Full Edit” goes on to insult Game, members of his Black Wall Street Crew, as well as Game’s career.

Check out a copy of the track.

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