Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Sandy Brook Tragedy Force Gunplay To Change Rap Names?

I have been tipped off to something. I’m hearing that Gunplay, Rick Ross’ Miami capo, may have to make some sort of change to his name. The incident in Newtown, CT has created a climate that may be too hot for the talented rapper to maintain his already controversial name. When Gunplay first emerged as a rapper that would be popular, the industry insiders were already concerned. The issue increased as mom and pop shops disappeared and Wal Mart, Best Buy and Target were primary retailers of physical CD’s. “How can we sell a CD from a rapper named Gunplay,” some execs asked, I was told. But, it moved forward anyway, because Gunplay is a pretty good rapper, not to mention entertaining. With the incident in Newton, CT at an elementary school, I am hearing that this has produced a quandary. But, this is my opinion…it will pass. I don’t think Gunplay is on the release schedule right now so this will all fall off the news grid.

Illseed, Out.


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