Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Illuminati Force Ke$ha To Make “Die Young” For Youth?

Now that the Sandy Brook situation is in full f*ckery force, everything is falling apart. People are looking at everybody side ways. Rappers. Tom Cruise. Dexter. The NRA. Ke$ha? Yep. anybody can get it! Ke$ha has a hit pop song called “Die Young” and she is catching HELLFIRE over it in light of the 20 dead children in Connecticut. So, she starts spilling the beans about she was forced to record the song against her will. I think she is just copping a plea and capitalizing off the controversy. But, in saying that she was forced into the song has prompted people to think the omnipresent Illuminati made her do it. I tend to think this is trash talk, because they would put a needle in her if she started yapping. Anyway….here is the tweet. What do you think? Malarky? Or Meaningful? She’s got the all-caps flow going on. “I was FORCED TO.” Strong verbiage there, Ke$h.

And I just wanted to say: INTERNETS YOU WRONG FOR THIS!!!!!

Illseed, Out.


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