Epic Fail Of The Day: Why Was Santa Claus Arrested In Texas?

Santa claus Arrested

This just came across my desk! Santa Claus has been arrested! Jolly Ol’ St. Nick was down in Texas with the kids, seemingly just doing his thing. All of a sudden, a snitch or The Grinch told the laws in Austin that he was doing something sinister and illegal. What was Santa Claus doing to get arrested so close to Christmas? Seems like writing on the sidewalk in chalk is a deed worthy of arrest! They even did it down there in front of kids. One of the kids even said he wanted “Peace” for Christmas. So much for that! Peep it!

I love how Santa slipped in there that the cops aren’t on the nice list anymore. Here is a vid of a peaceful Santa moments before the arrest.

I guess Texas is a “police state” now.

Illseed, Out.


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17 Responses to “Epic Fail Of The Day: Why Was Santa Claus Arrested In Texas?”

  1. Felix Mademan

    I was on Santa’s side until he said , “..children were chalking”. So now drunk santa is snitching I say send him to jail .

  2. MiiUziWeighsATon

    I say stop lying to kids about some fat nigga in a suit who flies around in a sled being pulled by reindeer bringing presents…tell thw truth because the truth is more respectable than the lie…..mommy and daddy busting their azzes on the job to give you gifts on a day of lies and deceit….yeah Christ’s birth fell more around August-September anx December 25th was a day the pagan Romans celebrated debauchery of all sorts including homosexuality, beastiality, pedophilia, bulimia, and that tree wwas decorated with the infant heads and entrails of their enemies…even still just tell the kids mommy and daddy dont know why we do it, we just follow what came before us as our parents did..we sheep….wake up black people

    • EDOGZ818

      ‘Chet, I take mines shopping the day after X Mas, when ‘chet on sale & let them pick, plus buy all year round.

      They know the time, but if others do the Santa Thing, I respect it.

      • ONE

        Santa wasnt allowed in my house. No way in hell a fat white dude was gonna take credit for what my mother worked her ass off to buy us

      • johnblacksad

        I respect others doin the Santa Thing too, but i respect yours more!

        No kids yet, but there will be no santa either…

      • EDOGZ818

        Worked out because it was cheaper, I remember renting a van & driver ( Poppo ) to hit 34th st Toys are us. $400 filled it up the day after X Mas!

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      Maybe we should also let them choose religion and not force it down their throats as the only truth either. If we really want to get down to it in reality all these mass gifts are doing is teaching kids consumerism and instant gratification before they can even perceive what’s really goin on.

  3. Jay Simms

    rght. jake aint no joke, they want a ninja so bad. just come on with it. it is what its gone be. your talking is doin nothing.i want action. give me liberty or give me death. @ the police,the snitches, & the haters of the world

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