AHH Stray News: Lil Wayne Appeals $2 Million Judgement, N.O.R.E. Now P.A.P.I.,Young Calicoe Loses In Court

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Wayne will appeal a $2 million judgment levied against him in a court battle with film/television producer Quincy Jones III. The rapper was upset with his portrayal in the film, which included scenes of his drug use, and claimed that QD3 had failed to gain the proper permission to use music that was in featured in the documentary. QD3 counter sued claiming the lawsuit and bad publicity ruined the film, and in November, a jury awarded QD3 and his associated companies a $2,195,000 judgment. According to TMZ.com, Lil Wayne recently filed documents stating his intention to appeal the verdict. The rapper must submit an official appeal for the court to consider within the next 30 days.

Queens, New York rapper N.O.R.E. has revealed he’s taking on a new identity for his upcoming album Student of the Game. According to MTV news, N.O.R.E, born Victor Ortiz, is now going by the name P.A.P.I. for his new release. “I wanted to do something totally different for the album,” P.A.P.I. told MTV News today (January 4). “My mother doesn’t even call me Victor, my father has never called me Victor, my teachers didn’t even call me Victor. My name in Lefrak City and my name in Queens is actually P.A.P.I., it’s not even N.O.R.E.” P.A.P.I’s new video “Tadow” featuring 2 Chainz, Pusha-T and French Montana, will debut this Sunday as MTV Jams’ Jam of the Week.

Detroit rapper Young Calicoe lost a bid in court to have a felony dogfighting case filed against him dismissed today (January 4). A lawyer for Young Calicoe appeared in 36th District Court and claimed that prosecutors had no evidence against the rapper, who sparked controversy with a video that went viral. The video featured Young Calicoe showing off a stable of dogs, roosters and other animals for fighting. Other than the video, which has yet to be admitted as evidence, Young Calicoe’s lawyer claimed there was no proof that his client owned the dogs, nor committed any crimes. While the judge declined to rule on the video, she did say that the prosecution was still building a case against the rapper. The next court date is slated for February 28.

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