Cassidy Responds to Meek Mill with 10 Minute Diss Record

(AllHipHop News) As the saga continues between fellow Philly rappers Meek Mill and Cassidy, the plot has thickened with a new 10-minute diss record from Cassidy.

Cassidy first delivered “Me, Myself and iPhone,” and Meek responded with the reply “Repo,”

On the new track, Cassidy takes shots at Meek with the diss record called “R.A.I.D.” (Robert Ass Is Dead), rapping over several of Hip-Hop’s classic instrumentals.

From his issues with Meek Mill in Philly, to dissing MMG label head Rick Ross and his past as a correctional officer, Cassidy lays it all out on the table on “R.A.I.D.”

More news as the story develops.

Cassidy (Meek Mill Diss)  “R.A.I.D.”

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