Hip-Hop Rumors: Justin Timberlake To Return With Jay-Z…and Beyonce?

Everybody is waiting the return of the KING!

OK, MJ ain’t coming, back but they are really excited to see that Justin Timberlake is about to bust a move on the R&B scene. But here is the catch.

A recent report has said that Timberlake has brought in the biggest gun he could find to help solidify his return. No, not Cassidy. He’s apparently and reportedly secured Jay-Z to feature on this highly anticipated new song he’s about the release. Nobody knows for sure so this is just a rumor right now. It has already been revealed that Justin has been in the studio with Jay’s beloved Beyonce. Nothing is confirmed, but some have suggested it could be all three on one song. Sounds like overkilled to me but thats what these people do.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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