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Hip-Hop Rumors: Nick Cannon Clowns Kanye, Gucci Teaches, Nicki's Man Rebukes….


Gucci Mane was speaking to Atlanta Middle School Kids for career day.

Wonder what he said? Hopefully it was something like, “Don’t do what I do for a career.” and also “Excuse this ice cream cone on my cheek.”

Safaree says “IT WASN’T ME!”

I think I like this dude Safaree. First of all, I just realized his name is a play on “safari,” which is a excursion for wild animals. Secondly, he’s denied cheating on Nicki Minaj, the biggest female don in the rap game.

Of course, this isn’t exactly a denial of cheating, because then they would admit to being an item, which I don’t think is true. Anyway, he’s a smart guy.

Nicki Goes in a bit.

Kanye West has kinda made a big deal over the fact that people like Wiz have dated his ex’s i.e. Amber Rose. But, Nick Cannon was the man, because Yeezy dated three of Nick’s ex’s! Three! Selita Ebanks,Christina Milian and wifed up Kim K. I didn’t know about C. Milli! But, Nick got jokes.

“Kanye always be rapping about how people got his old chicks … I don’t be … you know. Kim Kardashian is an amazing young lady, it’s just that honesty got in the way.”

He also said that Mariah could take Nicki Minaj in a fight. Peep the interview with The Power 105 Breakfast Club.



Seth Rogen is a fool. Check out this Super Bowl promo.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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