Where’s Brooklyn At? Troy Ave Performs at Public Assembly

(AllHipHop News) What transpired on February 16th at 70 North 6th St in the artsy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY for Tuff Tunezz’s “Raw & Uncut” was an eye-opener depending on how you’re looking.

The show, scheduled to begin at 10pm did not present its first performer (Zulu Collie) until around 11pm. The bill for the Brooklyn concert was half out of towners (Ceasar Luciano, Zulu Collie and M3) and half New York natives (Tuge, Bryan Dope and Troy Ave). However, the crowd at the tightly packed venue majorly consisted of fans of the out-of-town acts as once those acts left, so did the crowd.

DJ Prince was serviceable for a good portion of the show, however made odd song choices that were not influenced by the crowd’s enjoyment. For example, after a relatively zombie-like reaction to the entirety of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” the crowd grew noticably raucous once Kanye West’s bravado overload possee cut “So Appalled” blared through the muffled speaker system. Even though this got one of the more energized responses, DJ Prince decided to cut the song off after the 1st Kanye verse, sending the party back into its disjointed feel.

The opening acts were a mixture of unrehearsed amateur sets(rapping over vocal backing track), promising crowd-controlling lyricism and Tuge.

This was a calmer Tuge

This was a calmer Tuge

This show can be easily broken up into two categories. B.T. and A.T. Before Tuge. After Tuge. The husky MC hailing from Rooservelt Island, NYC single handedly provided the most organic reaction of the crowd. After a few camera phone picture flashes, Tuge’s rapid fire flow, vocal changes and infectious passion transformed the somber crowd into a frenzy. The man performed an entire song where he compared himself to Khole Kardashian’s husband, Scott Disick, twice, 40 minutes apart and got the same reaction both times.

“Ruff & Uncut” A.T. consisted of South Providence, RI’s Ceasar Luciano flying through joints off his Confessions of Rubirosa: The Last Playboy, and Queens MC  Bryant Dope bouncing around the stage rapping about Generation Y.

Then there was the “headliner”, Troy Ave. Actually, after Tuge and the subsequent acts there were a few 30-minute waiting periods for Troy Ave on top of the extra hour of lateness. Comedian and host Eric Rosado attempted to keep the crowd interested with numerous requests for single ladies and even asking the audience to “please come closer to the stage for Troy Ave.” Once the Brooklyn MC graced the stage (after 1:30 am), the crowd had already turned into this:


Troy Ave was all smiles and attributed his lateness to getting “a call to make a delivery”. After doing his renditions of his hook on Fabolous’ “Only Life I Know” and Pusha T’s “Road Runner” he powers through “Concrete Jungle” and “Blanco” off his latest mixtape, White Christmas. However, his entire contribution to the event and the event as a whole was encapsulated in one moment. While performing, Troy Ave stopped and claimed he forgot his lyrics due to alcohol. He proceeded to take another sip of alcohol.


Overall, the “Raw & Uncut” was exactly what the name implied. Unfiltered Hip Hop given in the rawest and unpolished(read: unrehearsed) way.

Check below for Troy Ave’s interview after the show with XclusiveZone as he speaks on his upcoming album New York City, his love of pork and more:


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