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Hip-Hop Rumors: GTFOH! Gucci Mane and Selena Gomez?

This is madness! Media TakeOut is charging that there is something going on with Gucci Mane and pop chick Selena Gomez, who is also Justin Beiber’s ex. Apparently, they are both in a movie called “Spring Breakers” and some sparks started flying. But, I don’t know about this one. Smells funny. First of all, they say it happened a year or so ago, when the movie was shot. Secondly…no there is no secondly. No way does this chick go for both Gucci and Beebz. I’m not a belieber! This is what the source said: “We thought it was [odd] that she was in there with [Gucci Mane]. One time [producers] sent security to make sure she was OK.” The insider added, “It almost became a joke, [another employee] said [to Gucci Mane] ‘Watch out or I’m telling Justin.’ [Gucci] was like ‘F**k that lil n***a!”

All this supposedly came from a production assistant.

Anyway, Gucci Mane plays a good suburban kid and Selena plays a drug kingpin. Wait…its the other way around, I think.


Damn, J.J.J.

Why’d ya do it?

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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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