Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Reality Show? With A Sexy TWIST!

Cam’ron has always been one of the more interesting people in Hip-Hop. Now, I am hearing that Cam may be and I do mean maybe returning to reality TV. Wait….he was never in reality TV! From what I understand, Cam has always been against reality TV, but that may change if the networks have their choice. I’m hearing they are dumping a lot of paper at Cam do a show that accentuates the relationship he has with this girlfriend/fiancee. Now, here’s why (the rumor continues at the bottom):


Good googly moogly!


SO…these pics have gone around and they seem like a lot of fun. You know the reality TV folks. They can make a show out of anything. Cam passed on the TV shows before and Jim Jones went on to be a star in a whole different way. There you have it….wanna see came in a reality TV setting?

Joe Budden is a genius. He been doing that for the longest.

“They keep us talking….” ahhhh forget it!

Illseed, Out.


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