Adidas Releases Camo-Inspired Jerseys for NCAA March Madness Tournament

Ok so camo is the new thing, or well it has been depending on who you talk to. You can basically buy anything camo now. We aren’t mad at it, but also leopard and tiger and zebra prints are also in and we’ve seen a host or rappers wear those patterns on their shoes, pants, shirts or hats as well.  Things are getting crazy. Well, apparently the NCAA or Adidas caught wind of these trends and the craziness, and now they have leaked the designs for some camo-inspired uniforms that 6 NCAA teams will wear in the NCAA tournament this year.  Picking Kansas, Cincinnati, UCLA, Baylor, Notre Dame and Louisville, the teams will wear the bright unis for the duration of the tournament.  Adidas will also make the uniforms for sale March 1st at participating retailers.

Check the pics below, what do you think?